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4 Ways Dog Walks Keep Your Dog’s Health in Check

4 Ways Dog Walks Keep Your Dog’s Health in Check

A dog that gets to go for a walk every day is a happy and healthy dog. Have you ever noticed how dogs keep wagging their tails with excitement every time they get to enjoy a walk outdoors? Not only does a walk allow your dog to explore the outside world, but it also keeps their health in check and helps them keep off excess weight.

We provide professional dog walking services in Lakeland for dog owners who often do not have the time to take their dogs out for a walk by themselves. If you can’t find the time to walk your dog, we’ll do it for you. Here are 4 ways dog walks will keep your dog’s health in check.

1. They keep your dog’s weight in check

Obesity in dogs has been found to give rise to many health-related problems, including high blood pressure and heart disease. Regular dog walks will keep any excess weight off your dog and improve their cardiovascular health and stamina.

2. Walking makes your dog happy

Dogs are actually prone to depression. Many dog breeds are extremely intelligent and sensitive and know when they’re being taken care of. A dog that is locked up indoors for days on end will become sad and may even start to act out. Plus, dogs are domesticated animals and love being around people – even if you can’t walk your dog yourself, our professional pet sitter in Lakeland will do it for you. Your dog needs bonding time with a human being, so if you’re away from home most days, hire a dog walker to make sure your dog isn’t deprived of its right to socialize with other people.

3. Regular walks make your dog fitter, stronger, and immune to illness

Regular walks are a great way to naturally boost a dog’s immunity against illnesses. A dog that is deprived of regular exercise may start to experience cardiovascular problems and lose muscle mass. When your dog goes for walks outdoors, they also interact with the outside environment and come into contact with soil, air, and water. Exposure to the bacteria that populate the outdoor world is incredibly important as it acclimatizes your dog to outdoor conditions. Regular walks also help regulate your dog’s appetite as well as their sleep. A dog that is taken for walks every day will eat better and sleep better, leading to better health overall.

4. Your dog gets to socialize

A major benefit of dog walks is that your dog gets to socialize with other dogs and people in the neighborhood. This will prevent your dog from feeling lonely. Both vets and dog trainers recommend that dogs should be socialized into their external environments. A dog that interacts with others will be more confident and will not be aggressive or fearful of other dogs or other people.

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