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Advantages of Using a Pet-Sitter

Advantages of Using a Pet-Sitter

Pet owners don’t like to leave their pets behind when they’re traveling. However, it’s also not possible for them to bring their pets. In this case, it’s good to hire a pet sitter who will look after your furry friend and ensure that they’re comfortable and safe. Not only would you have the opportunity to make a quick weekend getaway, but you’ll also not have to worry about your beloved pet. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should hire a pet-sitter.

They Maintain a Routine

Pets usually have a routine. If there is a change in the routine, the animals become stressed, sick, or confused. Hiring a professional pet-sitter can ensure the routine is maintained even when you’re out of town.

The pet-sitter will discuss the daily routine of your pet to ensure it sticks closely to it. For instance, if your pet needs medication at a certain time, your pet sitter will ensure that happens.

Reduces Risk of Getting Sick

If you choose to leave your pets in a boarding facility instead of with a professional pet-sitter, they’ll be exposed to other animals. As a result, they might catch something contagious like bordetella. It’s an upper respiratory infection that can be treated with antibiotics. Hiring a pet-sitter means they’ll be less exposed and remain healthy.

Keeps Your Home and Pet Safe

An empty home is more likely to be broken into by burglars. By hiring a pet-sitter, you can prevent this from happening. A pet-sitter will take all the measures to protect your home by turning off the lights, taking out the trash, keeping the garbage outside. The most important thing is that they will keep your pet safe. If, for instance, your pet becomes injured or ill, they will take it to the hospital immediately.

One-on-One Attention

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A private pet sitter will spend one-on-one time with your pet. Many pets get lonely when their owners are away. A pet-sitter can cuddle with your pet, look after their needs—basically offer them the same level of attention that you were.

Regular Updates

When you hire a pet-sitter, you can get regular updates about your pet. The pet-sitter will inform you how your pet is doing via texts, emails, and regular phone calls. You can have peace of mind that your pet is in good hands and doing well when you’re away. This should help you to relax and focus on your trip.


Pet-sitters typically have a flexible schedule. They can work around their schedule to ensure that your pet is looked after. You can choose how many times a day you want the pet-sitter to stop by and for how long. Some sitters can also spend the night so that your dog doesn’t get bored.

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