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Boarding Vs Pet Sitting

Boarding Vs Pet Sitting

You just booked your tickets for a weekend getaway! You are super excited, but your dogs’ excited barks are now drowning the joy of sipping a drink by the pool.

And now you’re worried about how they’ll handle being away from you for an entire weekend?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could not stress about them while on your vacation?

It would be, wouldn’t it!

Well, you have two options; pet boarding and pet sitting.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two to help you make the right choice for your pet.

 1. Your dog’s comfort is number one:

Pets are territorial. They understand what is theirs, and for them, home is home. The comfort your home provides for the dog is critical to their health.

The stress from having to leave the comfy spot on the bed or favorite spot on the sofa may be a lot to deal with. Couple that with not seeing you around; your pet may think you have abandoned them.

 2. Attachment and routine:

Just like children, dogs get attached to their things.

They like a routine, and they like their favorite bowl and the mailman walking by at the same time every day. Even the noise of the neighbors’ lawnmower provides an unspoken comfort.

That’s why pet sitting is a better idea because while you may not be there, everything else for your dog remains constant.

And since he’s home, he’ll know you’ll be returning home too.

3. Diseases

While some dogs may enjoy the company of others, and boarding may work great for them, it still has a risk of catching diseases. From accidentally licking a sick dog’s bowl to catching something another dog had-  the chance of your dog falling ill is higher if you opt for boarding.

On the other hand, pet sitting ensures that your dog stays in your house and occasionally meets the other dogs at the park.

The routine remains.

healthy dog 4. Other benefits:

Of course, opting for pet sitting comes with other benefits too. House burglaries are common when the owners are away. In fact, most happen during the day when the burglars assume the owners are away.