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Common Diseases in Dogs and How to Prevent Them

Common Diseases in Dogs and How to Prevent Them

Owning a pet is a great way of adding instant joy to your life. The love and affection they show are enough to refresh your mind after a long hectic day. However, it’s important to understand that they’re a huge responsibility, and closely monitoring their health is part of the job.

Like most pets, dogs are also at risk of developing diseases. Some of these medical conditions can be quite fatal if not treated timely. Hence, it’s recommended to take your dog for regular checkups to identify any early signs of a possible disease. Here’s a list of some commonly found diseases in dogs:

1. Rabies

Rabies is the most commonly found disease in dogs. It’s considered a viral disease that directly affects a dog’s brain and spinal cord. In 2018, 9% of domestic animals in the United States were diagnosed with rabies.

It can be easily prevented if they’re vaccinated regularly. It’s recommended to consult your vet regarding these vaccinations because if not treated timely, they can turn out to be quite deadly for your dog.

2. Ringworm

As opposed to the name, this disease is not the result of a worm. It’s a fungal infection in dogs that affects their skin, fur, and nails. This disease causes severe fur loss and dry patches on a dog’s skin. It’s highly contagious and can easily affect other animals that come in contact.

Ringworms can stay dormant on your pet’s skin for months before showing any visible signs. To prevent ringworms among dogs, use medicated shampoo when taking your dog for grooming. Also, disinfect their toys, leashed, and kennels from time to time.

3. Kennel Cough

This is another dangerous disease found in dogs. It’s mostly caused by Bordetella bacterium. It can easily be transmitted over the air. Look out for early kennel cough symptoms among your dog, such as contact flu, cough, and low energy.

Pups are at a higher risk of developing this disease because of low immunity. Vaccinations are available to protect your furry friend. These vaccinations are administered every few weeks, depending on your dog’s age. Once diagnosed, it’s almost impossible to cure this infection.

4. Parvovirus

This is a disease that infects a dog’s intestinal tract. Once your dog is infected, the virus will rapidly multiply, attack white blood cells, and quickly spread throughout your dog’s body, causing long-term cardiac problems. The early symptoms of this disease include vomiting, diarrhea, and low appetite.

Overnight pet stay in LakelandIt’s your responsibility to take care of the well-being of your dog. Most of the above-mentioned diseases can be prevented if the fur baby is vaccinated on time.

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