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Dog Walking 101: Selecting the Right Walking Equipment

Dog Walking 101: Selecting the Right Walking Equipment

Dogs are your best friend and for all right reasons too. According to the American Psychological Association, pet owners have better self-esteem, are more extraverted, and tend to be less fearful. Medical News Today says your pets help lower risk of allergies, relieve stress, improve your heart and mental health, and provide you with better sleep quality.

It’s only fair if you make your dog happy too. And according to American Kennel Club, dog walking and proper exercise is the best way to go about this. Walking helps with your dog’s physical and mental health!

But you need proper equipment to make the most out of these walks! Don’t worry, we’ll help you in select the right dog walking equipment.


Dogs need collars to hang their leash, license, ID, and rabies vaccination tag on. There are regular, aversive, and special use collars designed for your dog’s needs. Flat collars are standard, martingale is for dogs with narrow heads, etc. You can also adopt a GPS collar to locate your pet if they ever get lost.

You have to take care that the collar suits your dog perfectly. Dogs can slip out of flat collars, the loop of martingale can put the dog at risk, and pinch collars can cause pain. It’s better if you conduct proper research before selecting a collar and to know how the collar works to avoid any mishaps.

dog canine mammal animal white dogLeashes

There are standard leashes made of leather or nylon. Be careful because nylon can cause hand burns if your dog pulls. Retractable leashes can cause a sense of tension and larger dogs may break away.

Treat Pouches

Giving your dog treats on good behavior during walks can help with positive reinforcement. It can encourage them to behave and even stop them from chasing after a squirrel.

Poo Bags

Make sure to keep extra bags just in case because not only is it annoying for anyone to come across poop but it could also be a health risk for other animals that come in contact with it.

two people walking their dogs with an umbrella and coats.


Harnesses would help in relieving pressure from the trachea as the pressure from a leash will be distributed evenly across the body. If your dog is a puller, a good idea is to get a no pull harness.
However, it has its concerns as well if not given proper attention and research. Such as it tangling in the legs or the dog slipping out. But again, it’s up to you to conduct proper research.

Dog walking is crucial for your dog’s physical growth, mental wellbeing and development.

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