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Dog’s Day Out: Take Your Dog for a Walk

Dog’s Day Out: Take Your Dog for a Walk

The kids promised they would take the dog for a walk but can’t now that the SATs are near and you have work. The dog or dogs need to get out, and you’ve got your schedule full for the whole week.

In a situation like this, what do you do?

You could ask the neighbor to walk your dog when they’re out walking their dogs. But it just doesn’t feel right to ask – again. That’s where our professional dog walkers come in. A professional dog walker can ‘literally take the reins’ and give your dog a day out he deserves. Still not sure about hiring a professional dog walker?

Well, then here we have four great reasons we feel professional dog walkers can help you and your dog bond even better.

1. Nothing Beats Exercise

We know you love your dogs! But sometimes, even the hugs they get after you come home from work aren’t enough. Being cooped in the apartment or house for hours can take a toll on their health. And can raise their stress levels.

But nothing beats a good run, and regular physical activity is known to keep you and your dog healthy as it reduces stress.

The ideal scenario would be you putting on a pair of sneakers and going for a run with your husky or German shepherd.

But as we know, life happens. And we get busy.

However, the dog still needs exercise. Exercise helps dogs avoid obesity and is an instant mood lifter for them, and also helps senior dogs with their digestive issues.

2. Engages all his senses 

Your dog has been cooped up inside and is now starting to act out. A day out and about for the dog means he gets to engage all his senses. He’ll go about sniffing the curbside, his curious eyes will observe the pigeons, and he’ll try to pounce on the tiny bugs on the corner.

That mental activity and sensory load are very healthy for your dog’s development.

A professional dog walker knows what your dog likes, and they design the walks accordingly.
They’ll let it smell the flowers a bit longer and observe the bagel in the window.

3. Socializes and meets other dogs

Walking with a professional dog walker also encourages your dog to bond with other dogs and learn how to socialize.

dogs_socializing4. Routine:  

A routine can work wonders for your dog. By hiring a professional dog walker, you can ensure the dogs get a morning run. This allows them to get their energy out early in the day; this often equates to better behavior.

You will also find that they are more receptive to training afterwards. Experts also recommend morning walks for puppies and seniors dogs since they require potty training.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional dog walker. If you still have questions or concerns, talk to us to learn more about the options we offer.