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Five Myths about Pet Care That You Believed Were True

Five Myths about Pet Care That You Believed Were True

Have you heard that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans? This is just one of the many myths going around for decades, though some hold much power. Quite a few pet owners fall victim to these myths, and while some are harmless, others do much damage where your pets and their well-being and health are concerned. Happy Critters Pet Walking has collected information to help you separate fact from fiction. Keep reading if you care about your pets as much as we do.

Running around the Backyard is Enough Exercise

A pet sitter playing with a dogThat is not true, and there are a couple of problems with this myth. This myth assumes that your dog gets enough exercise playing around in your backyard. Pets wait for their owners to show up, and if you have a dog, then it must look forward to walking with you every day to release pent-up energy and bond with you.

Your Pet’s Mouth is Cleaner than Yours

Nope, so not true as your pet’s mouth contains just as much bacteria as yours. It’s tough to decide whose mouth is cleaner as the bacteria found in your pet’s mouth is different from that found in yours.

A Wagging Tail Means a Happy Dog, & a Purring Cat Means a Happy Cat

Somewhat true. At times, a wagging tail or a purring cat means that your pet is happy. At other times, it means that they’re anxious, sick, in pain, or stressed out. Some say that purring is a self-help mechanism for cats to rest and heal themselves. So, while a wagging tail does mean a happy dog, it’s the way they wag their tail that matters. If they wag their tail to the right, it means they are happy; however, if they wag it to the left, they are stressed out or anxious.

Our Feline Friends Always Land on Their Feet

Completely true. It’s a fact, not a myth, as cats have a self-righting reflex. However, even though they always land on their feet, it doesn’t mean that they do so unscathed. For instance, if their falling height is high, they might get serious internal or bone injuries when they fall.

Pets Eat Grass When They are Sick

If your pet dog or cat is eating grass, it doesn’t always mean they’re sick; it can simply be because your pet wants to improve its digestion or fulfill a nutritional need. Your pet might also be doing this because they are bored of the food they regularly eat or just because they like the taste and texture of grass.

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