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Five Tips for Pet Care During Summer

Five Tips for Pet Care During Summer

Summertime is about trips to the beach and playing outdoors with your pets. However, temperatures tend to rise during the summers, and our pets may not be as comfortable with the high temperatures as we are. Higher temperatures mean higher risks of injuries, infections, and heat strokes for your pets. Your pets don’t sweat in the same way you do, so they can quickly become overheated. We at Happy Critters Pet Walking want your pet to enjoy summer to the fullest, and so we have gathered some tips and tricks on pet sitting during the summers.

Don’t Leave Us Alone

Just because you have parked in the shade doesn’t mean that you can leave your pet alone in the car with the windows cracked. Even if you were to be gone for a few minutes, take your pet with you as cars heat up pretty quickly in summer, and so does your pet. It can only take a few minutes for your pet to get a heatstroke or, even worse, die.

Availability of Cool, Clean Water

All pets, especially cats and dogs, need to stay hydrated during summer to keep their body temperatures low. Make sure that your pet always has cool, clean water available to drink as the water warms up pretty quickly as well.

Food & Drinks for the Humans are Poisonous for the Pets

If you’re throwing a BBQ party or a pool party in your backyard, be extra vigilant about what your pet is eating. The foods humans eat can cause your pets severe digestive problems. Some pretty harmful foods to pets include raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate, sugar-free products, sweets & toffees.

Don’t Force Your Pet into the Pool, if it Refuses to Take a Dip

a dog swimming in the pool under a pet sitter’s watch Some pets hate the water while others love it. In either case, you need to be extra careful while pet sitting. For instance, if your pet loves the water and enjoys taking a dip now and then, make sure not to leave them unattended. After they come out from the water, be sure to give them a bath to remove all the sand, mud, and chlorine.

Don’t Allow Your Pet to Stick Their Heads outside the Car Windows

You wouldn’t let your kid stick their head of the moving car. The same applies to your pets. Tree limbs, other vehicles, or flyaway rocks and pebbles could cause severe injuries to your pet, or they might jump out of the car for some reason.

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