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Have an Emergency? Consider Our Overnight Pet Stay Services

Have an Emergency? Consider Our Overnight Pet Stay Services

Don’t we all love spending time with our furry friends? But as much as we love spending time with them, we need time for ourselves too. As pet owners, we tend to adjust our activities to ensure our pets get our undivided attention and time. But the problem arises when there’s an emergency, and there’s no option but to leave our fur babies at home.

Unfortunately, not many people would volunteer to look after your pets while you’re away. But don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect solution for you—our overnight pet stay services!

Whether you have an emergency or need a vacay, our overnight pet stay is at your service. If you’re hesitant about our overnight pet stay services, here’s why you need to consider our services.

Our Overnight Pet Stay Will Provide Your Pets with Nutritious Food

a dog getting fed at our overnight pet stayWho’s going to feed your pet while you’re away? Trust your fur babies in our hands! Leaving your pets home alone for a while can be as tough as leaving a child. Pets feel their owner’s absence and tend to stop eating and can eventually get sick.

Our professionals are all die-hard pet lovers and ensure your pets consume healthy, nutritious food while you’re away. That’s why we use tender care and nurture to ensure your pets eat properly.

Your Pets Won’t Get Homesick with Our Overnight Pet Stay

Most overnight pet stays offer their services at their location. Despite having other pets around, your pets are likely to get homesick. Luckily, that’s not the case with our overnight pet stays.

At our overnight pet stay, our professionals stay at the pet owners’ homes. This way, your pets are likely to feel safe and comfortable.

Your Pet Will Follow Their Routine

We invest a lot of time training, teaching, and setting up a routine for our pets. However, when you go away for a while, your pet might display some behavioral issues. But guess what? You don’t have to worry about this with our overnight pet stay.

We will take care of your pet’s routine. From eating habits to their sleeping habits, we follow their routines to the T and ensure that they behave well at all times.

Your Pets Will Receive the Utmost Attention and Love with Our Overnight Pet Stay

We love every pet as our own and make sure they receive the utmost attention and love they deserve. While you’re away, our friendly professionals will care for your pets as their own to make them feel loved and prevent homesickness.

Avail Our Overnight Pet Stay Services Right Away

Don’t worry about your pets while you’re away; ensure they get the right care with our overnight pet stay services.

At Happy Critters Pet Walking, our professionals are trained to handle your pet and any emergencies too. We also offer dog walking, pet sitting, and much more right here in Lakeland.

Contact us if you have any queries or call us at (863) 270 9366 right away!