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Here’s What to Look for in Your Next Dog Sitter

Here’s What to Look for in Your Next Dog Sitter

Leaving a beloved pet behind is never easy when going on a vacation or don’t have anyone to look for them while at work. That’s where pet sitters can help.

An experienced caregiver will ensure that your canine remains at peace and has fun while you’re away. But how do you evaluate the best pet sitter for the job?

Here we give you a list to make sure you hire a professional on board before leaving and hitting the road.

Find the Right Match

To find an experienced sitter, ask for referrals from family, friends, or maybe your vet because they know your pet needs the best. You may also search online for pet sitting services near your area or visit pet care services in your neighborhood to find the right match. By right match, we mean someone willing to come to your home and loves dogs as much as you do.

Qualifications and Training

You must check qualifications and certification before hiring a sitter. To know if the candidate is suitable according to your needs, consider asking the following questions during an interview with a potential pet sitter:

  • Past experiences
  • Types of pets they’ve cared for before
  • If they have completed any special training
  • Timings and dates available

It is ideal if they have a pet certification as they would know how to care for a canine better than any other.

A woman petting a dog Services and Fees

You must be on the same page about the services and the fees involved. Be sure about the number of visits that will occur each day, the hours allocated, if there are any extra charges for an overnight stay, and if they cover any additional responsibilities such as taking a pet for a walk or cleaning up if required.


Often neglected, it is the most crucial factor when hiring a pet sitter. Make sure you figure out ways to communicate with your pet sitter when away. Reliable means of communication can help you stay at peace while vacationing. Make notes for them and leave all your contact details for emergencies.

Looking for a Perfect Pet Sitter in Lakeland?

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