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Here’s Why Your Dog Needs Regular Exercise

Here’s Why Your Dog Needs Regular Exercise

While 79% of dog owners think their dogs should be walked twice daily, only 30% of them actually walk their dogs, that too once a day or less.

Dogs are the most excited and energetic pets. They’re full of energy and love regardless of their breed, age or size. However, too much energy can make them rowdy and aggressive.

It’s better to have a well-behaved dog as they stay calm, understand better, and are focused.

Regular exercise can help your dog in many ways. Here’s how it helps.

It Keeps Them Happy

Dogs LOVE being outside. It acts as a mood booster for them as exercising helps release endorphins.

Fresh air helps brighten their day while giving them a well-deserved break from staying indoors. Dogs have a risk of depression, too, just like humans. Going outside can help prevent that.

It Keeps Them Healthy

Your dog can experience many health risks factors if they become overweight. However, regular exercise allows them to maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining weight becomes a more significant challenge for older dogs, so walking prevents them from being obese. Plus, it also helps prolong their life.

Children playing with dog outsideIt Increases Socialization

We all know how much dogs love humans. While you will always remain their #1 human, they love interacting with other dogs and humans too. Going out for walks will allow them to socialize with others, while being on the leash keeps you in control.

Whether it’s sniffing other dogs or just seeing them from far, it can be an excellent opportunity for them to make a new furry friend.

It’ll Build Trust

During your busy day, it might get challenging to give some time to your dog. Walk time allows the dog and yourself to establish a bond that’ll help create a deeper long-term relationship.

It’ll Ensure Healthy Digestion

Eat, sleep, repeat is a bad routine for your dog.

Apart from having health risks, your dog can start experiencing constipation too. Walking allows your dog’s digestion to work as expected while easing constipation. Excessive time indoors can have a substantial effect on their bowel movements.

It Drains Their Energy

Too much energy can lead to behavioral issues in dogs, such as chewing, excessive barking, or even scratching surfaces. The walk will drain their energy playing outside, which means calm and peaceful behavior inside the house.

Dogs require healthy food, regular exercise, and generous sleep for a fulfilled life.

However, it can be difficult to dedicate two to three hours every day for dog walks with a busy schedule. We understand that’s why our critter sitters are here to help.

Happy Critters Pet Walking provides dog walking services in Lakeland. Whether you need it twice a day or every alternate day, we can create a schedule that’ll be personally tailored to fit your furry friend.

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