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How to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Fur Baby

How to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Fur Baby

To prepare for a baby is to rigorously baby-proof. This means finding and securing every sharp corner, tripping hazard, and electrical socket. But what about your four-legged friend? Are you prepared to introduce them to a baby?

Your dog may not be aggressive, but that’s not the only thing that could go wrong. As pet parents know, dogs are emotional. They have deep attachments to their owners. If they ever feel like they’ve done something wrong, they feel terrible.

Happy Critters Pet Walking’s pet care services cater to all kinds of dogs, and our team has a keen insight into canine behavior. Dogs are naturally cautious of strangers. That’s why we recommend you take these steps before introducing your pet to the tiny stranger:

Make Sure the Dog Doesn’t Feel Neglected

If your highly-intuitive pooch realizes that the amount of attention they get has taken a hit, they may see it as a competition.

It’s not normal for a domestic dog to attack infants or adults. The consequences are likely limited to your pet withdrawing or acting out for attention. Still, either of these behaviors will be extremely disruptive to a household that will be changing and receiving visitors.

Make sure you pay as much attention to your pet as usual. If you have guests over to see the baby, ask them to humor the dog just a little.

Change the Dog’s Routine At Least A Month Before the Birth

Go the extra mile to make your fur baby feel secure. Start adjusting their pet care routine before the baby arrives. This way, they won’t connect the dots between the changes and the baby.

If you think that you won’t have time to keep up with dog walking, hire a pet service with a reliable dog walker beforehand. When the baby comes home, the dog won’t feel like its life has been affected.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Socialized

Socialization is an important aspect of making your dog people safe. If your dog hasn’t had the opportunity to engage with children before, start introducing it to them. Start with teenagers, and then work your way down the age groups. Sometimes dogs react fearfully to babies. You can prevent this by getting them used to humans of all sizes.

Children petting dog in LakelandHappy Critter Pet Walking knows how hard it can be to get pet care right. No matter how much you research and how much time you spend, something always seems to fall through the cracks. What’s most important is that you don’t let the stress of managing multiple living things get to you.

We offer pet care services in Lakeland that are perfect for new parents who need some chores offloaded. Our team loves animals, and we know how reactive dogs can be to transitions. Canines, as mentioned, are so intuitive that they will notice the changes to the home.

By taking the above steps, you should be able to show your beloved pooch that they still have an important place in your home. If you need a critter sitter, give us a call at 863 270 9366. We don’t just watch your pet, we make sure they get love and attention, and we make sure they never feel abandoned. We offer dog walking, dog pickups and drop-offs, and overnight pet stays!