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Is My Dog Depressed? Signs and Treatment

Is My Dog Depressed? Signs and Treatment

Depression is not only common in human beings but is also frequently diagnosed in dogs as well. Just like humans, dogs are very emotional animals, and a simple change in their life can bring up anxiety and depression.

For instance, adding a new member, losing their owner, moving to a new house, and so on can make them full of grief or even become depressed. If you have noticed a drastic change in your dog’s attitude, it might be a sign of depression.

Signs of Depression in Dog

Here is a list of signs that predict depression in dogs.

  • Low activity levels
  • Uncharacteristic whining and howling
  • Inappropriate sleeping habits
  • Change in eating patterns
  • Aggression
  • Loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed

Treatment for Depression in Dogs

Get dog walking service in LakelandBefore opting for a treatment, the first thing is to go to your dog’s vet to get a proper diagnosis. Once depression is confirmed in your dog, then it’s important to make a plan to deal with it. Remember that it can take days or months for your dog to recover fully.

Your dog’s vet can be of great help in this situation. They can guide you and give you tips that will be helpful for you in the future.

Here are some techniques that can help your dog in beating their depression.

  • Give your dog more attention than usual. However, you should give them time to grieve and stick to them once they start showing a sign of happiness. You can also reward them for their good behavior.
  • Make sure to involve your dog in playtimes, regular walks, and other activities to keep them busy and happy.
  • If your dog is depressed because of losing its owner or anyone else, then try to make them socialize with other pets. Another thing that you can do is to get another pet for them, so they can learn to get over their pain and begin to get back to their life again.

All of these tips can help your dog to start to get over their depression, but it all depends on the severity of their symptoms. One of the many causes of your dog’s depression can be an underlying disease or condition.

Make sure to discuss your dog’s case with their vet before taking any step for their treatment. Don’t rush their treatment and be patient with them; otherwise, you can risk losing your relationship with them.

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