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Looking to Hire a Pet Sitter? Here’s What You Should Know

Looking to Hire a Pet Sitter? Here’s What You Should Know

Trusting another person to care for your pet is not as easy as it seems, but certain circumstances leave you with no other option. If you do have to choose a pet sitter, here are some of the essential things you should be doing or considering before hiring one.

Interview them

Make sure you ask the right questions from the pet sitter. If possible, meet with them physically and interview them. Make a list of questions that you want to ask, and don’t shy away from asking anything. After all, it’s not just your pet you’re entrusting them with, but your house and your belongings as well.

a man interviewing another person.Check their certifications

Professional pet sitters are trained to take care of pets. They should know the procedure in the case of an emergency with the pet. In case your pet has any kind of behavioral issue, the pet sitter must be capable of dealing with it. It is best if the pet sitter has a business license since pet sitting is a business. It shows how committed they are to their job.

Check their history

Call up a couple of their previous clients and ask them about their experience with this pet sitter. Get their opinion on whether you should hire the pet sitter or not.

Look out for red flags

If a pet sitter is not returning your calls or is missing appointments, it is a potential red flag. If a pet sitter is not fully convinced they can do the job and looks or sounds nervous, it’s a cause for concern. If a pet sitter is willing to do the job at much lower charges than normal, do ask them why. It might not necessarily be a red flag, but you can’t leave anything up to chance.

Set up a communication channel

If you’ve shortlisted a pet sitter, do make sure to set a proper communication channel where you two can communicate regularly. Also, set up an emergency contact in case there’s an emergency and you’re not available.

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