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Possible Reasons Your Dog Is Acting Out

Possible Reasons Your Dog Is Acting Out

Dogs can start misbehaving and stop listening to their owners. Training your pet to behave nicely can take time, energy, and a lot of patience. You first need to understand what your pet needs and train them accordingly. If your dog has been acting up lately, there can be a list of reasons behind it.

In case you require pet services in Lakeland, Florida, then we can help. We can assist you in handling a dog that is suddenly misbehaving. Let’s work together to make your pet feel calm and safe.

Here are some reasons your pet might be misbehaving. We can help you eliminate these factors and make your dog feel happy again!

1. Your Dog is Not Exercising Much

Some dogs are high-energy breeds and need to burn excess energy. Your dog can become destructive due to a lack of exercise. You should take them outside, play with them, or go running to make them exercise and stay active.

2. Your Dog is Simply Bored

Boredom can also make your dog misbehave. They tend to engage in destructive activities to get your attention from you. It’s your duty as a pet owner to spend time with your dog, offer them care, and give attention to them. You can look for activities online and try them with your dog so they don’t feel bored at home.

A bored dog before going for a walk3. Your Dog Might Be In Adolescence Phase

Like humans, dogs also go through adolescence. In short, they start showing “teenage behavior” that can take place between 5-18 months. Your dog can start misbehaving during this time and might make you lose patience. The trick is to be consistent with them and not to stop their training.

4. Your Dog has Anxiety

Many dogs have separation anxiety, which makes them show destructive behavior whenever you’re not around them. Punishing your dog due to this is like punishing them for showing love to you, which can be a little heartbreaking for them. A veterinarian can help you deal with the situation with care, so consult them for expert help.

Need Pet Care Services in Lakeland, Florida? We’re Here For You!

Walking a dog when they are misbehaving can be a little difficult. They can act out at any time, which is why you need an expert’s help for it. Whether your dog is bored, anxious, or misbehaving, we’re here to help you with it.

Just because a dog is misbehaving does not make them a bad dog. They only need extra care, and if your schedule does not allow you, we can assist you in this. We can work alongside and evaluate what’s bothering them the most.

We offer multiple pet services in Lakeland, Florida, including dog dropoff and pickup, pet sitting, overnight pet sitting, dog walking, and critter sitting. We care for your dog as a family member, so feel free to call us today.

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