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Preparing for Your Dog’s First Heat: A Checklist

Preparing for Your Dog’s First Heat: A Checklist

A dog’s heat is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all dogs if they are not spayed. If this is your first experience dealing with a pet in heat, you don’t have to worry much if you have done your research in advance and are well prepared before the heat cycle begins. Let our experts at Happy Critters Pet Walking help you.

What is a Dog’s Heat?

Heat is a process that occurs in all dogs when they reach puberty. The American Kennel Club states that most dogs reach their sexual maturity around six months of age. Smaller dogs tend to go on heat more frequently than larger breeds.

There are two stages of a dog’s heat cycle: proestrus and estrus. It’s advisable to either neuter or spay your dog or take them for mating. However, if you don’t want your dog to mate, it’s best to spay them, as this can cause severe health problems such as infections and unwanted pregnancies.

What are the Symptoms of Heat in Dogs?

  • The first sign is swelling of the dog’s vulva. Your dog will also start having bloody discharge. Female dogs also start licking their genital area more frequently.
  • Your dog’s estrogen levels will also increase during the heat cycle, showing signs of irritability and aggressiveness.
  • When your female dog is on heat, she will frequently urinate, marking her territory around your house to attract male dogs.

How to Take Care of Your Dog during Their Heat Cycle?

  • Dogs seem to be more anxious when on heat because their hormones are constantly fluctuating. Some dogs may even get confused and nervous. During this time, you should spend more time with your dog. Your love and affection can make them less restless during this period.
  • Some dog owners may find it difficult to manage discharge around the house. To overcome this challenge, you can use disposable diapers or wet wipes to timely clean your dog’s genital area.
  • Never get angry with your dog if they have accidents during this period, as your anger can make them more stressed. Take your dogs on a walk more frequently but never leave them alone.
  • Some female dogs may lose their appetite when in heat. You can try treating your dog to her favorite food or preparing a special meal for her fulfilling all the nutritional requirements.
  • Make sure your dog is getting enough sleep. You can try placing warm couches on her favorite spots encouraging her to get adequate sleep.Pet pickup services in Lakeland

It’s difficult to care for a dog during a heat cycle. However, if you are well prepared, the whole process will be very smooth for you and your furry friend. Remember that your pet needs you the most during this period so try spending as much time with them as possible.

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