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Why Should You Keep Your Dog Active?

Why Should You Keep Your Dog Active?

Dogs are so much more than a companion. They’re an integral part of your family. And just like you, dogs also have certain needs to live a healthy life, such as being active. An active lifestyle for dogs has several advantages, ranging from weight regulation to improved general health. Following are some convincing reasons from a reliable pet services provider for keeping your pet active.

1. Mobility

Your dog’s mobility will highly depend on how active they are. Certain dog breeds such as the German Shepherd and Husky are at an increased risk of acquiring mobility-limiting joint issues such as hip dyslexia and arthritis.

Keeping your dog active by either playing with them or taking them for walks will help them stretch their muscles and joints while increasing their flexibility.

2. Social Interaction

Dogs are known as social animals. They thrive on being a part of different groups and love mingling around with other dogs. They may even show signs of depression if not taken out for walks.

Participating in different dog shows to keep them active will not only boost their confidence but will be good for their overall health and well-being.

3. Healthy Weight

Obesity in dogs can cause severe health problems. Overweight dogs are at risk of developing diabetes, blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease.

American Kennel Club states that obesity is a serious health problem among dogs in the United States, with 56% of the dog population falling under the overweight category. Keeping your dog active will help them manage their weight and prevent them from developing serious health problems.

4. Boredom Relief

Boredom can cause certain behavioral issues among dogs, such as excessive barking, snarling, and whining. Dogs are energetic creatures. Dogs engage in destructive activities if they’re not provided with enough physical and mental stimulation. These destructive behaviors include chewing on shoes and scratching your furniture.

Exercise stimulates both a dog’s mind and the body. Providing your dog with enough physical activity will help them productively channel their energy. Dog housesitting services in Lakeland

So what are you waiting for? Put a leash around your furry friends and get out for a peaceful evening walk with your friend.

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