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Why You Should Consider Pet Sitting Over Pet Boarding

Why You Should Consider Pet Sitting Over Pet Boarding

So, you’ve chosen to travel away for the weekend, purchased your ticket, and booked your hotel. You’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, but the day before departure, you learn that the hotel you’ve booked isn’t pet-friendly. Now the sound of your dogs’ enthusiastic barking is drowning out the pleasure of relaxing with a drink by the pool. Suddenly, you’re anxious about how they’ll do without you for a whole weekend and what you should do to eliminate this worry.

It would be fantastic if you didn’t have to worry about them while you were away. Well then, you have two choices: pet sitting and pet boarding.

However, our years of expertise in pet care in Lakeland have shown us that pet sitting is always preferable to pet boarding. Let us tell you why:

Home is Home

Since we have been offering pet sitting services in Lakeland for years, we know that all furry friends tend to be possessive of their territory. For them, a house is a house, and they know what belongs to them. Therefore, leaving their cozy spot or favorite sofa may be a stressful ordeal for them. The combination of that and your absence might make your pet worry that you have abandoned them. In contrast, your dog will benefit significantly from the familiar surroundings of your house.

Daily Routine

Dogs, like children, have ingrained habits and develop strong attachments to the objects in their lives. They take comfort in seeing the mailman and eating out of their favorite dish every day at the same time. An unsaid solace can be found even in the sound of the neighbors next door. Even while you’re away, your dog’s routine and environment will stay the same with pet sitting.

Catching Outside Diseases

While boarding might be a terrific option for social dogs, there is still a chance they could contract an illness while they are there. The risk of your dog becoming ill increases if you choose pet boarding for various reasons, including the likelihood that they will lick the bowl of a sick dog or get an illness from another dog.

However, having your pet looked after means they will remain in your home and have opportunities to socialize with other furry friends in the park.

The Icing on the Cake

There are other advantages associated with hiring a pet sitter. Whenever the residents of a house are not there, the opportunities for break-ins increase. Most burglaries occur during the day when the victims are likely at work. Consequently, you can relax knowing that your home is secure with your pet and a pet sitter present.

A dog walker in Lakeland

Pet Care Services in Lakeland

If you’re looking for pet sitters in Lakeland, we can help you. At Happy Critters Pet Walking, we offer various services such as overnight pet stay in Lakeland, dog walkers, and pet pickup and drop-off.

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